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Neal Geisler was born in 1977 in Livermore, CA where he spent much of his youth in his parents garage assembling aircraft models
and building smaller items. The youngest of 4 boys by 7 years, he has always been gifted and had a connection and appreciation for
nature and trees,  which is fitting considering his medium. As a young entrepreneur, he worked odd jobs and promoted a garage sale to
raise funds for  his interest in automobiles. He purchased his first vehicle at age 15, which led to an interest in restoration,
fabrication and mechanics that spread to all facets of his life. From age 14, Neal worked in a machine shop for 4 years,
after which he spent time at a foundry engaging in pattern casting design, production and finishing work.
After his stint at the foundry, Neal spent 3 years working in the printing business, managing nearly all facets of the
offset press and handling sales. He has worked for contractors as a carpenter and has been engaged in several construction jobs,
varying in size and complexity. Along the way has also developed a great love for music, learning to play guitar & bass,
Neal has performed at live shows and continues to expand his talents. He also currently runs a tree manicuring business,
specializing in cultivation and articulation of specialty trees. These experiences have given him many of the abilities he now uses
to create pieces and manage his business. He has never attended art school, nor has he had formal training to guide him with his art;
he has had only his imagination and ambition to lead him to where he is today. In 2004,
Neal decided to pursue his art full-time, and his company Sierra Craft was established.
Compassionate, resourceful, and detail-oriented, the artist has transformed his three-acre property into a delightful
playground through his skills, which is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.
He has planted numerous trees, carefully pruning and experimenting with various methods to find the most productive techniques.
He is greatly influenced by nature and the ocean, with water as his driving-force and inspiration,
as well as his great love for anatomy, sea-life and animals. Neal is a private pilot and so has been fortunate enough to see the
earth from an entirely different perspective. When he is not working on his next masterpiece, he visits Kirkwood and Lake Tahoe
to snowboard and enjoy the brisk weather with his dog, though his favorite place to spend time is Maui,
where he has spent hundreds of hours acquiring tattoos. He resides in Jackson, CA. with his German Shepherd Randy.
A collector of original art, and an appreciator of one-of-a-kind beauty and quality,  Neal's artistic-vision is to create warm,
collectable, museum-quality masterpieces which connect with his clients on a personal level.
He collects only the finest examples of domestic and exotic woods with which to create his sculptures.
His work has been described as sensuous, captivating, sophisticated, innovative, and sexy.
His methods of sculpting can vary depending upon what the particular piece demands, though he generally uses an angle grinder
and similar power techniques to finish each piece. His work is constantly evolving, from his earlier large abstracts to the
dynamic sculpting and assembly of multiple jellyfish and reef interpretations. Additionally,
he has begun to integrate metal, stone and minerals into his works; while expanding his portfolio
with paintings and other forms of art. A versatile artist who's goal is to leave behind traces of his favorite visions,
experiences and memories, conveyed through his imagination and hands.
In the 9 years he has worked as an artist, Neal has attended numerous shows successfully around California,
exhibiting and transporting several high-caliber pieces and shipping domestically & internationally.
His form of sculpture is imaginative, timeless, whimsical, original, and unique; only a few of many compelling reasons
to look more closely into his creations. All of Neal's lumber is hand-selected for high quality, unique grain,
and a stable dry condition to yield the most worry-free piece. Every sculpture is preserved with a oil & varnish blend or carnauba wax,
applied with an old hand-rubbed technique, or a combination of the two preservatives is used.
Sculptures that have been waxed only may need to be waxed in the future to increase luster, though it is not imperative
to the preservation of the piece. Pieces integrating metal are either brass or stainless steel, all form fit and fastened with structural
adhesive. A variety of anodized colors can be used to accentuate your custom piece if desired.
All wall art hangs on screws or wall-fasteners, which are easy to install with the manual reference system provided.
Mounting hardware is provided with each piece as well. Neal's creations will provide beauty for generations to come.
Neal is available for worldwide installations above and beyond what appears on his site, and enjoys a clientele
who wish for the same from their art.From the simple and sensual to the large and extravagant,
sculpture which reflects the soul, or a piece to tickle even the most whimsical fantasies.
The representative work here can be modified and customized to fit larger scale projects which often require more depth and detail.
Also,  if you have a special piece of wood that you are not sure what to do with, he can create a family heirloom with a custom
commission and design. With over 25 years of creative experience and a limitless vivid imagination,
Neal will create the freshest design to compliment any taste.

The jellyfish rises in a flurry of tentacles
straight up from the depths.
It's late at night and the black veins in the
spalted maple jelly are captured darkness
from the jet black ebony reef at its back.
A urchin lies in wait,
stainless steel & brass spines at attention;
its body giant sequoia redwood reflecting
the remaining light cast down
through the depths.
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