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David Hwang was born in Pyung Yang, Korea.
His birth name " Myung Duk " means, Bright-Myung, Giant-Duk.
As a youngman, his mother told him that his grandfather wanted him to live with those meaning in his heart.
His family moved to Seoul Korea in 1951, the year Korea civil war began.
He continued to live there until 1981.

His father was a businessman and his mother was an Asian homemaker who loved to embroider.
He felt, his mothers influence that encouraged him to become an artist.
As a young boy, age about 10 through as a student in the middle school, he loved to draw.
He began taking art classes and won many national competitions while he was in a middle and high school.
Once completed grace school, he continued his secondary education at the University studying fine art.

The mediums he is always working on is Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylic and Oriental painting.
His other medium is print making and those mediums are Wood Block Printing, Etching and Silk Screen.
He also loves to take photos as well and the photography has been his long time fond of hobby.

He has affinity for landscape painting as he has a great love for mountain.
He enjoyed rock climbing and ice climbing at his twenties and thirties.
After graduating from University, he entered an army.
Once he completed his service, he opened a professional sporting gear store
and should paint in his spare time not as an occupation but to feed his soul.
At that time in Korea, due to the economy, it was impossible for him to support himself as an artist.

In 1981, he moved to United States and he was hired as an art director and a manager
of a company and promoted to a vice president soon.
In the art field, he immersing himself in the American style paintings to the art market and galleries,
working closely with CEO's, Designers and Sales teams from all over the states,
Consultants on many prestigious projects.

In 1989, He opened his own art studio / wholesale business and run that business until 2004.
Now, here in Lake Tahoe, he has his own art gallery.
Art collectors and art lovers can always meet him in person and also watch him painting in the studio.

Exhibitions : High Point International Show since 1989 through 2004
Art Expo : Los Angeles Convention Center in 1998
Art Caravan Show : Long Beach Convention Center in 1996
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